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Product Review (submitted on 29 October 2015):
Before I talk about any details I want to say that I would buy this as a down light regardless of the LED or fire rating.
I took delivery yesterday and have refurbed many houses with downlights but the quality of this product is amazing.

First thing I noticed is how good it looks when you unwrap it and then you feel the weight and realise there is a reason it looks really solid ....its because it is.

Other down lights have rings that hold the bulb in place, these have a simple solid but easy to turn front instead and when you open it it screams quality. I paid £9.99 for each of these but if I was in a shop I would fully understand them selling for £20+ a unit.

The fact I can lay insulation straight on top of the light is fantastic.

In case you have not noticed I think this are amazing value but I think when you find something that surprises you with its quality then you should tell everyone about it.

Trust me, buy these even if you are not using them for the fireproof or insulation will not be disappointed!!